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Reflex Clinical Therapies

Reflexology & Massage Therapies

Book an appointment with Reflex Therapies using SetMore

Book 4 sessions or more for $15 off each session.

We want to look after you in your ongoing maintenance program. Start your Wellness Partnership with discounted treatments.

Reflexology or Soy Candle Massage Sessions available.

Simply book and pay for 4 or more sessions for $15 off each session.

That is at least $60 off!

Reflexology Package:

4 sessions for $280.00

Soy Massage Package:

4 sessions for $280.00

Kit & Kaboodle Package:

4 sessions for $540.00

Because we Appreciate you - Refer a Friend

We would like to offer you a $20 Gift Voucher every time you refer a friend to Reflex Clinical Therapies.

Many of our valued clients have told their friends and family about their positive experiences with Reflexology & Massage at Reflex Clinical Therapies. Here is a Thank You for doing just that. Tell your friend or family member to mention your name. Wait for a voucher in the mail.
Simple. The more you refer the more you save.
You could even wait until you have a few up and take advantage of a free session. .
Your Body Will Thank You. ° °

You could even wait until you have a few up and take advantage of a free session. .

Your Body Will Thank You. ° °


Support Sessions - FREE

Schedule a Session Today

April 2020 - Whenever.

Whatever you are going through is OK. Whatever you are feeling is OK. Whatever your new "normal" is, is OK. What is your body telling you? It changes all the time. Contact me for some emotional download. I am here to listen. Anytime!

Call: 0409 045 537

email: [email protected]

skype: alyson.mcritchie


Whatever is on your mind or your body is saying, I am here to help.

Wellness Support Consultation

$85.00 per Session

This consultation offers individual discussion regarding the connection between your body, your mind and the truth between them. By understanding what we practice from a learned belief and how our body's dialogue perpetuates that belief we can truly choose life. Learn to read the messages and interpret the language that may just be holding you back from making choices that serve you.


$97.00 $135.00


$15.00 $20.00